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The Importance of Social Connection

Human beings are inherently social creatures. As far back as we can trace, humans have traveled, hunted, and thrived in social groups. Social groups provide us with an important part of our identity, and more than that, they teach us a set of skills that help us to live our lives. Humans have a natural need for social connection and like feeling valued, cared for, and supported by others.

Social connection is widely viewed as a fundamental human need, influencing a broad spectrum of life.Social connection encompasses the relationships, networks or links that people have with other people or groups, whether these be with neighbours, family, friends, sporting or social groups.

Why is social connection in the workplace so important?

Because many adults spend more waking hours at work than they do with their own families, relationships may have a significant influence on our health and well-being. The influence of these relationships (or lack thereof) may affect individuals across the spectrum of workplace environments, roles, and hierarchy (Holt-Lunstad, 2018). Fostering a sense of social connection within the workplace may be good for employees and employers in a variety of tangible ways that extend far beyond just “feeling good.”

Employers may implement strategies among employees by providing increased opportunities for socialization. If the goal is to become more connected with others at work, implement some of the following strategies to make the entire workplace more connected.

1. Take proactive steps to get to know your employees

Host a coffee morning with your team and do a roundtable of getting to know your colleagues!

2. Create peer mentorship programs

Peer mentorship programs can be used as part of a leadership development program. They can also be offered during the on-boarding process when a new employee joins the company. In either case, mentorship programs send a message that knowledge and personal growth are in many ways dependent on social connections.

3. Ensure that all employees feel comfortable

Encourage employees to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Workers need to feel confident their concerns will be taken seriously.

4. Host regular social events for employees

If the goal is to create a connected workplace that functions more like a community, then the relationships between employees must extend beyond traditional working hours. Schedule regular social events for employees. The type and themes of these events can vary, as long as they are meant to include people from different teams and departments.

CCSL love to work with their clients to host employee engagement events at all their client sites. Such events include Country & Western themes, Grazing Day themes, Summer BQQ’s or Casino nights!

It is just as critical for employers to implement policies and strategies that foster meaningful relationships outside of work as within the workplace—promoting a healthy work–life balance.

This month, it is important that we spend time connecting with people that we may not have spoken to in some time due to our busy lifestyles.

Friendships have the power to increase your feelings of belonging, purpose and overall happiness. Spending good quality time with your friends can help increase your sense of belonging and purpose. This month take time to connect with existing friends and perhaps reconnect with friends you haven’t spoken to in a while. We’ve put together some ideas to ensure you spend good quality time with one another:

1. Book Club

If you and your friends are interested in reading, why not start or join a book club with your friends. This is a great opportunity to spend valuable time together and increase the amount you are reading!

2. Cook/Bake

Get together with your friends and host a cooking/baking evening. Did you know - blackcurrants are in season during the month of June. Why not get all your ingredients together and bake our favourite blackcurrant crumble? Follow our recipe below!

3. Walking/Hiking

Do you like the outdoors? The combined benefits of spending time in nature and spending time with others will make for a day your heart will enjoy.

This June, take time to reconnect with your friends and family and spend good, wholesome, quality time together!


The Team

Setting Standards


CCSL has a number of quality assurance accreditations but they do not set our benchmarks. Our quality standards are far higher and we surpass industry best practice and best-in-class measures. In fact, best practices are where we start and we move upwards from there.


We undertake on-going quality control and evaluation of all of our operations to make certain that we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Services That Go Further

Nutrition Matters

Nutrition Matters is a CCSL wellness programme designed to promote the importance of nutrition in the life of a working person.


It’s more than just informing our clients’ teams and workforces about the importance of good diet and health. It’s about designing menus that bring variety without compromising goodness. With the right facts and access to delicious, affordable, healthy food, your staff can make informed choices and bring balance to their lives.



For over 30 years CCSL has been feeding companies and bringing healthy food to workplaces across Ireland. With a combination of the best local produce, talented chefs, technology and innovative thinking we bring you an award-winning suite of services.


Every day we prove that good nutrition makes for happier employees which, in turn, brings improved productivity. Now we’d like to prove it to you.


The CSSL team is made of the best and most experienced people in the industry. But we’re growing and we’re looking for bright, talented innovators to join us as we feed the nation’s workforce with heathy, nutritious, delicious fresh food.


Send in your CV and we’ll get right back to you.

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