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We have a philosophy: we believe that good food, made from

wholesome ingredients, prepared carefully and presented with flair, makes a huge difference to a person’s wellbeing, happiness

and productivity.

What that means is that healthy, delicious food has the power to energise and engage your employees because proper nourishment makes people healthier. By delighting them, you’ll bring them closer into the team. And by keeping them happy, you’ll keep them longer.

CCSL is a company of passionate foodies, champions of nutrition, embracers of sustainability and leaders in innovation. We don’t just reflect the latest food trends and tastes, we improve them, constantly honing our menus and ideas.


Is it worth the effort?
Of course it is: good, nutritious food + great service = happier workforces + greater engagement + higher morale. It’s simple, really.

Our clients come from every sector, all over Ireland, and they all believe in what we’re doing. Long before the Farm to Fork movement, we established a group of independent food growers who are local to each site and supply the freshest ingredients.

We began cooking in 1991 with just a single client. We’ve grown, a lot, and today we put smiles on over 50,000 faces every day.

The industry, client expectations, regulations and tastes have evolved but our belief in the benefits of great food made from local produce, prepared with care to imaginative recipes and delivered with a first class service hasn’t changed.


That’s what makes us different. Really different.

Ethical Sustainability


As part of our commitment to ethical sustainability we take great care to ensure there is traceability with everything we use. We are an independent, Irish-owned operation and so we are not tied into global or national agreements which can override quality considerations.


By being able to track everything back to the grower or producer, we can guarantee the quality of the tens of thousands of finished meals we serve up every day. Provenance may be the word of the day but it’s something we embraced since we first began. You can taste the difference.

Our Response to 



Our initial focus was to ensure continuity of service to businesses that remained open whilst making certain that the measures necessary to safeguard the health and well-being of our employees, customers and suppliers were in place.



For over 32 years CCSL has been feeding companies and bringing healthy food to workplaces across Ireland. With a combination of the best local produce, talented chefs, technology and innovative thinking we bring you an award-winning suite of services.


Every day we prove that good nutrition makes for happier employees which, in turn, brings improved productivity. Now we’d like to prove it to you.


The CSSL team is made of the best and most experienced people in the industry. But we’re growing and we’re looking for bright, talented innovators to join us as we feed the nation’s workforce with heathy, nutritious, delicious fresh food.


Send in your CV and we’ll get right back to you.

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