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Good nutrition is crucial but don't worry, we've got it built-in. Nutrition Matters is the unique wellness programme built into everything that CCSL does. It’s all about making informed choices and bringing balance to lives through delicious, affordable, healthy food and bringing variety without compromising goodness.

CCSL’s Nutrition Matters makes healthy eating easy. Our nutritionists work with our chefs to constantly revise our menus, ingredients and recipes with a view to optimum nutrition delivered in the easiest, tastiest ways. The programme includes tools and details of healthy eating through information packs, initiatives and support material.

Through our experience we know that the best way to deliver the Nutrition Matters programme is with training. That’s why we have developed our Nutrition Matters course as a part of our in-house training program and support it at every site where CCSL meals are prepared and delivered

Every CCSL menu has our Nutrition Matters program fully integrated into it. Each one reflects the pillars of the program through the range of healthy options on offer, including vegan and vegetarian dishes, lunches, dinners and snacks. This is all about balance and good nutrition so take a look for yourself.​

With a little research and a lot of thought, we get to know our customers really well. We understand their lifestyles, work demands, nutritional requirements and dietary preferences. With these considerations in mind we can build specific menus for specific sites, embedding healthy options that are available daily. We know our customers and we deliver what they want.

Food Innovation

The Sharing Table


We like to stay ahead of the curve by bringing innovation into our work wherever we can and that includes exciting new ingredients, fresh recipe ideas and state-of-the-art technology.


It also means innovative work practices, like including our staff in decisions and using their ideas on process and services as well as new concepts like our Sharing Table where our chefs from all over Ireland meet to discuss their ideas.

Ethical sustainability

Doing Our Bit


CCSL is a responsible member of the communities in which we live and work. Our ingredients all come from Mother Nature and so, naturally, we want to protect her as best we can.


That means we recycle, avoid plastics, use energy efficiently, reduce food and water waste, cut down on food miles, minimise our carbon footprint and generally clean up after ourselves.


It’s as if we were never there.



For over 32 years CCSL has been feeding companies and bringing healthy food to workplaces across Ireland. With a combination of the best local produce, talented chefs, technology and innovative thinking we bring you an award-winning suite of services.


Every day we prove that good nutrition makes for happier employees which, in turn, brings improved productivity. Now we’d like to prove it to you.


The CSSL team is made of the best and most experienced people in the industry. But we’re growing and we’re looking for bright, talented innovators to join us as we feed the nation’s workforce with heathy, nutritious, delicious fresh food.


Send in your CV and we’ll get right back to you.

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