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CCSL brings the latest thinking in food and nutrition from around the world home to our clients here in Ireland. We add our own innovation, too, with initiatives like Nutrition Matters which engages and supports employees in a healthy lifestyle and The Sharing Table where we trade our ideas and experiences.

Innovation can be in thought as much as physical technology or methodology. We have found that some of our best innovations come from challenging thinking about processes and services while always being focused on quality.

Everything that we do, every day, supports our constant drive to improve our meals and the service behind our food through innovative thinking in every facet of our business.




Our attitude to innovative thinking helps us stay ahead of trends, to lead the industry and be recognised as one of the most successful corporate catering operations in the business.


The Sharing Table is one way we do this. It’s a CCSL initiative that brings our chefs together around the table to combine all of our collective experience and ideas. Here, they swop insights, discuss new concepts, encourage each other, test their creativity and challenge each other to raise our standards even further. This is how we improve even further every year.

Sharing Table



Every year we introduce new technologies which make our business better, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.


Reduced plastic, new packaging, updated reporting and feedback mechanisms, digital vending and QR code integration, advance ordering, fast lane pickup and loyalty points are some of the new technologies we have introduced recently.

Our Technologies



CCSL works with our clients on five strategies that have proven to boost employee engagement through food:


1. Provide healthier food options at work

2. Hold onsite nutritionist days

3. Help inform through promotional campaigns

4. Offer environmental support

5. Create healthy policies

Employee Engagement
Ethical Sustainability

Food Waste

We to keep food waste to a minimum, but what waste we do create, we recycle. That’s why we encourage composting of waste food at client sites as a really beneficial way to reuse food by turning it back into energy for plants.

Naturally, many sites do not have room for an outdoor composting system, but there is a wide range of countertop composting systems that make composting easy and accessible for everyone, even

Our Services


With 7 out of 10 adults drinking at least one cup of coffee every day, Ireland has become serious about coffee. And so have we.

Just as our customers' tastes and expectations have risen, so have ours and we spend a lot of time researching new growers and new roasting and grinding methods and working closely with Java Republic to refine our coffee offering to suit the tastes of the customers.



For over 32 years CCSL has been feeding companies and bringing healthy food to workplaces across Ireland. With a combination of the best local produce, talented chefs, technology and innovative thinking we bring you an award-winning suite of services.


Every day we prove that good nutrition makes for happier employees which, in turn, brings improved productivity. Now we’d like to prove it to you.


The CSSL team is made of the best and most experienced people in the industry. But we’re growing and we’re looking for bright, talented innovators to join us as we feed the nation’s workforce with heathy, nutritious, delicious fresh food.


Send in your CV and we’ll get right back to you.

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