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Coffee has come a long, long way in Ireland. More people drink coffee than ever before and now we know more about it and have more choices and options when it comes to our morning pick-me-up cup. CCSL has embraced this change and we work hand-in-hand with knowledgeable coffee experts. Together, we are going to bring you a very special cup of coffee.

We’re passionate about good coffee, just as we are about great food. People at home, in cafés and in workplaces know more about their coffee and they want the best. So that’s what we make: the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.

CCSL’s coffee partners have led the coffee revolution in Ireland for over 20 years, picking up fans, accolades and many awards along the way. They are big into sustainability, which we like a lot, and source from ethically sourced beans from the best growing areas all over the world.

When we say we take our coffee seriously, we mean it. CCSL spends a lot of time with coffee gurus looking for exactly the right taste from the perfect blend to create the best possible cup of coffee for our clients. Your team will thank you.

Food Innovation

Excite & Engage

It is an indisputable fact that good nutrition leads to happier, more productive workforce and therefore meals planned, prepared and delivered by CCSL boost employee engagement.


Working with HR managers and managing directors amongst our clients around the country we have identified the five best strategies to boost employee engagement through food.

Social Responsibility

Doing Our Bit

CCSL is a responsible member of the communities in which we live and work. Our ingredients all come from Mother Nature and so, naturally, we want to protect her as best we can.


That means we recycle, avoid plastics, use energy efficiently, reduce food and water waste, cut down on food miles, minimise our carbon footprint and generally clean up after ourselves.


It’s as if we were never there.


For over 32 years CCSL has been feeding companies and bringing healthy food to workplaces across Ireland. With a combination of the best local produce, talented chefs, technology and innovative thinking we bring you an award-winning suite of services.


Every day we prove that good nutrition makes for happier employees which, in turn, brings improved productivity. Now we’d like to prove it to you.


The CSSL team is made of the best and most experienced people in the industry. But we’re growing and we’re looking for bright, talented innovators to join us as we feed the nation’s workforce with heathy, nutritious, delicious fresh food.


Send in your CV and we’ll get right back to you.

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